DR PEPPER Unique or not?

To kick off the Unique or Not: Round 2 campaign, Dr Pepper Canada wanted to do something unique and sensational in order to capture media and potential consumers’ attention in key markets. They asked Youville to create a stunt in downtown Toronto and Vancouver using their brand ambassadors, the morphsuits. The mission: see what Canadian millennials think is most unique in 2015.

To promote uniqueness and achieve the kind of visual impact Youville and Dr Pepper wanted, we decided to launch a morphsuit takeover of the cities using unique promotional vehicles: a monowheel, a pogo stick, power risers, a hop ball, a boosted skateboard and a luggage trolley. Six acrobat ambassadors created jaw-dropping moments, enticing passers-by to take photos and videos while six others ambassadors focused on product sampling and interactions. Participants were invited to vote on what they found most unique on an iPad app for a chance to win one-of-a-kind surprises like morphsuits. The 12-person squad ensured maximum visibility and interceptions at each location.

By riding through each city’s high-traffic locations in unique ways, we created buzz-worthy video content and positive word-of-mouth about the brand. In two days, the brand ambassadors interacted with 10,000 people and distributed close to 5,000 free cans of Dr Pepper.