ROCKLAND 2016 holiday campaign

For the 2016 Holiday season, Rockland had two main objectives: position itself as a unique and high-end fashion-shopping destination in Montreal, and attract its target clientele for the Holiday season shopping.

Having created Rockland’s last campaign in collaboration with 5 top fashion influencers (Lolitta Dandoy, Katia Hanine, Jessica Concannon, Karolina Jez and Eva Friede), Youville raised the bar and set up a partnership between Rockland and three renowned experts: international model Coco Rocha, TV personality Geneviève Borne and grand chef Jérôme Ferrer. Beyond their role as ambassadors, these creative collaborators will apply their unique vision and undeniable talent to transform the Rockland experience.

As part of the 2016 Holiday Campaign, the collaborators shared their Holiday must-haves with Rockland’s clientele. Their shopping experience at Rockland and personalized photoshoot was an opportunity to create an authentic and stylish content-driven story, fitting with Rockland’s new positioning. The content was then promoted on social media, on a dedicated microsite, through web ads, OOH media (billboards) and inside Rockland.

The campaign was also supported by a PR push. To encourage social word-of-mouth around this new and unique collaboration, Rockland welcomed journalists, bloggers and business partners at a VIP reception with musical ambiance designed by Geneviève Borne, a fashion show directed by Coco Rocha and a gourmet menu created by Jérôme Ferrer.

By relying on a meaningful long-term collaboration with celebrated ambassadors, the campaign was able to embody Rockland’ DNA and inspired its clientele. The campaign generated close to 4M impressions and helped the mall record a significant increase in store traffic compared to December 2015. The VIP event also gathered many mentions in the media and on social media, for a total of 3M impressions.