Jacob Introduction on facebook

Strategic planning, and creation of the brand introduction on social medias.


Since 1977, JACOB succeeded in carving itself a place of choice in women wardrobes by creating timeless clothing that fits together and inspires style, comfort and confidence.  Between reinvented classics and current trends, JACOB dresses women with quality clothing.

To introduce the company on social medias, we wanted to bring the brand closer to one of women’s major concern, that is helping women in need.  Thus, for each «I like» received on Facebook, «Boutique JACOB» donated one new piece of clothing to organization «Renaissance».  In addition, throughout the duration of the campaign, JACOB invited its feminine clientele to give a second life to their clothing by bringing them in the shore to give them to Renaissance.  This initiative was supported by a 25% discount on the purchase of an item for each piece of clothing brought in the store.  Moreover, a promotional video was put online to support the operation and encourage a maximum of women to involve themselves for the cause.

In the end, over 14,000 women became fan of the page during the campaign.

In addition, this initiative generated significant media coverage, a revaluation of the brand and an increased traffic in the stores.  But the operation mainly allowed collecting 47,000 pieces of clothing, which were donated to the organization Renaissance for women in difficulty.