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Strategy and creation of the campaign on social medias, media purchase.


Faced with a difficult financial situation and the decrease of customers, the women clothing brand JACOB decided to invest in social medias to recreate the emotional bond they used to have with their feminine clientele.

To generate maximum worth-to-mouth around the operation, a contest to win a JACOB wardrobe of $25 000 was organised on the brand’s Facebook page.  This contest offered an incentive interesting enough to head up a maximum of traffic on the page while presenting the brand’s clothing.  In addition, it allowed meeting the company’s limited budget using existing resources.

To enter the contest, participants were invited to become fan of « Boutique JACOB ». Then they were invited to change their profile picture to match one of the six personalities of the brand (vibrant, bold, witty, smart, determined or magnetic) from which they could choose the one that described them better.  This initiative has allowed us to go beyond the message of a traditional campaign by asking the fans to step up and make themselves true ambassadors of the brand.  In addition, the application allowed the display of a post on the participant’s bulletin board increasing even more the viral effect of the operation and offering the opportunity to reach a pool of fans even more significant.

The experience did not end here since the objective was to build a true relationship with the brand’s fans on the long term.  So we started a conversation with the JACOB ambassadors on topics that related them to the brand, such as women’s fashion.  We also thanked them for their commitment to the brand by creating a banner with the participants’ pictures and by offering all fans an exclusive discount of 50% in store.

Thus, the campaign coupled to a targeted media purchase strategy enjoyed a strong viral effect, exceeding by far the original targets.  In the end, more than 47 000 women became fans of Boutique JACOB, more than 300 000 visits were made on the application, the traffic on the web site increased by 35% and nearly 600 positive messages towards the brand were published on the wall of the page during the campaign.  In addition, over 27 000 fans registered for the contest and 23 708 women created their JACOB personality, yet increasing the visibility of the operation.  Benefits for the brand were very positive, both in terms of reputation and sales, since 1 109 women also used their discount coupon in store.