Les Affaires Launching of a special number on creativity

Strategy, creation, production and public relations for the marketing guerrilla tactic deployed for the launching of a special number on creativity of the journal Les Affaires.


The magazine Les Affaires is a weekly publication that deals with key business issues and analyses them in depth to identify the impacts to expect as well as the opportunities for the Quebec business community.

To mark the launching of this special edition of the magazine on creativity, Youville imagined and set out an urban guerrilla operation in the streets of Montreal targeting the places most frequented by business people at peak hours in Montreal.

A squad composed of actors and members of the collective Parkour MTL 551 walked around the streets of downtown Montreal.  More than 3,500 magazines were distributed in a few hours only, under the gaze of passers amused and impressed by the artistic performances.

A video of the operation was posted on the web and relayed by prestigious sites such as ADS of the World, which allowed over 7,000 additional views.