L’OREAL Rexall

Design, creation, production and installation of the dermo-cosmetic section of the Vichy and La Roche-Posay brands within the Rexall pharmacy located in the First Canadian Place of Toronto.


Dermo-cosmetics are experiencing growing popularity with women consumers looking for efficient and easily accessible solutions to solve their skin problems.  At the same time, competition on the market has increased, especially within pharmacies.  The largest dermo-cosmetics companies are all facing the same challenge: to ensure their brand stands out in stores to optimize their visibility, to differentiate themselves from the competition and influence the decision of the consumer.

To address this issue, Vichy and La Roche-Posay gave Youville creative community the mandate to design their dermo-cosmetic section within one of the most important pharmacies in Toronto.

By its relief, its sleek and dynamic design and its contrasting lighting, and by the use of many informative screens, the section designed by Youville makes a sharp contrast with the environing space and attracts the consumer’s attention.  Moreover, displays and product merchandising, as well as key messages clearly put forward, allow consumers to differentiate easily the range of products proposed by Vicky and La Roche-Posay from the competing products.