Manulife 125,000 chances to change the world

Visual identity, creation and strategy of the campaign in social media.


Inspired by the community actions of its employees, Manulife supports volunteering activities in Canada since 2010.  The company has given itself the mission to inspire, engage and support the Canadian community of volunteers.

Youville was mandated to transpose this mission of Manulife on social media.  This mandate has resulted in the creation of a visual identity unique to the brand under the theme «Investing time» that ties in with the own purpose of Manulife and the essence of volunteering.  Youville also decided to bring back the Facebook page «Get Volunteering», previously managed jointly with Canada Volunteers.

In addition to managing the community and creating the content of the page, Youville also developed an interactive application for the celebration of Manulife’s 125th anniversary.  This application invites Canadians to invest collectively 125,000 volunteer hours during the year to have the chance to win $10,000 for a registered charity of their choice.  The campaign which runs until December is not over yet, but already more than 70% of its objective has been reached.  Because of this application, people are now aware of Manulife’s volunteering program.  It has also helped increase the Facebook community, while throwing a unique challenge to Canadians.

In addition, this initiative goes beyond the digital scope as it was transposed in various events supporting the company such as the LPGA Manulife Financial Classic where the visitors were invited to invest time for the St-Mary’s foundation.