Financière Manuvie 2011 tremblant 24 h

Creation, strategy and production of the sponsorship activation.


The TREMBLANT 24 h of skiing is a charitable event supporting many associations helping children.  The fundraising is done through a ski and snowboard race during which participants take turns on the slopes on a 24 h period to collect a maximum of money for children. This year, over 1, 8 million of dollars have been raised and the event attracted 24,000 visitors and more than 2,000 participants.

To emphasize the protective mission of Manulife Financial and its engagement toward the cause, Youville decided to support participants who courageously braved the harsh winter temperatures for 24 h to make children’s future better.

In the form of a green cube, symbol of Manulife Financial, a comfort chalet was installed at the bottom of the slopes. Participants and visitors were welcomed in to warm up with a cup of  broth or blankets offered at no charge.