Mazda 2013 national auto show

Strategy, creation and production of the Mazda zone at the auto shows in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.


To showcase the unique performance of Mazda’s SKYACTIV technology, a true revolution in the automotive world, Mazda wanted to create a memorable experience for visitors at the largest auto shows across Canada.

Featuring Mazda’s latest innovations the Mazda technology lab plunged visitors into a futuristic brand experience.  A world premier touch sensored holographic projection, designed specifically for this project, invited visitors to discover all the technological advances developed by Mazda in an innovative and fun way. In addition, an interactive screen allowed visitors to scan the Mazda cars on display to uncover the SKYACTIV technology  integrated into the core of the vehicles in an engaging way.

By leveraging technology and entertainment, Youville allowed Mazda to strengthen its position as a  leader in technology with an avant-garde and memorable experience enjoyed by thousands.