NASCAR Montreal 2011

Creation of the communication campaign, development of the imagery and the communication tools for the NASCAR event in Montreal in 2011.


Youville was asked to create the communication campaign for the 2011 edition of the NASCAR Nationwide Series in Montreal.

The strategic direction taken was based on the specificity of the Gilles Villeneuve circuit in comparison to the other tracks of the championship: it is not round.  The emphasis on this unique attribute by the use of the line «It does not go around in circles» suggests a high flying event full of action.  In addition, the use of a subjective view places the public in the pilot’s seat.  The spectator is at the heart of the action and easily understands that he will live a highly thrilling race.  Taking into account the specificities of the circuit, the English version of the campaign (designed specifically for the U.S. market) also integrated the atmosphere of the city of Montreal in its message.  Indeed, Montreal is an integral part of the NASCAR experience with its nightlife and its many tourist attractions of all kinds.

Youville was also mandated to do the visual identity of the communication pieces.  A modern and sleek style was adopted in order to rejuvenate the image of the event.