Smart Launch of the smart forjeremy

Creative, strategy and production for the launch of the smart forjeremy in Quebec


The launch of such an exceptional vehicle warranted a completely extraordinary experiential activation. The smart forjeremy concept car was thus presented to Quebec in an unforgettable electrifying event, a true symbol of love at first sight between smart and the famous designer, Jeremy Scott.

Quebec Dealers brought together for the occasion were blown away by the impressive spectacle on Peel Street during the F1 Celebrations. Artists Lords of Lightning, flown in from the United Kingdom for the event, created an electrifying show, using flashes of lightning over four million volts to illustrate the electrifying love story between smart and Jeremy Scott. Combining art and technology, this show literally dazzled the thousands of visitors who attended the event. The campaign was supported with a web component on which invited participants to win VIP tickets to the event while the hashtag #smartforjeremy allowed spectators to watch the event live on Twitter and Instagram. Finally, a video of the electrifying love story was broadcasted on YouTube and promoted on social media less than 24 hours after the event, extending the experience and amplifying its reach.

Building on an innovative strategy Youville was able to strengthen smart’s brand image while creating an unforgettable branded event for thousands of spectators.