Telus 2011 tremblant 24 hours

Strategy, creation and production of the sponsorship activation, strategy and creation of the pre-launch campaign on social medias.


The TREMBLANT 24 h skiing is a charitable event that aims to support many associations helping children.  The fundraising is done through a ski and snowboard race during which participants take turns on the slopes on a 24 h period to collect a maximum of money for children. This year, more than 1, 8 million of dollars have been raised, the event attracted 24,000 visitors and more than 2,000 participants.

TELUS sponsored the event for a seventh consecutive year and wanted to demonstrate its charitable engagement, its desire to get involved in the community and to position itself as a leader in technologies.

To accomplish this mission, Youville organized the most engaging winter sponsorship strategy, combining interactivity, social sharing, inspiring messages and unique images of the event in 3D, all of this for the cause.

On the theme «Reach a star for the cause», the fans of the 24h launched hundreds of messages of encouragement to children and participants under the form of stars in an «interactive sky» within which the children, as well as the participants, could navigate to be comforted by the many messages of support they received.   This application, available for one month on Facebook, served to promote the cause beyond the event itself.  In addition, for each star launched in the interactive sky, TELUS donated $2 to the cause of children.  The TELUS technological zone, consisting of a huge inflatable dome in the middle of the St-Bernard place, allowed to host an even more interactive version of the application.  The stars were thrown in a giant interactive sky with the help of touch pads.  The stars could then be printed and pasted on a wall of encouragement at the bottom of the slopes.  The dome also housed many screens allowing not only to post live the results of the race, but also to visualize in 3D unique scenes of the event.

During the pre-launch campaign, more than 1,700 stars were launched in the sky to encourage the children and the participants.  This way more than 700 persons became fans on the Tremblant 24 hours page, doubling the number of individuals committed to the cause on social medias for the years to come.  In addition, more than 6,700 persons visited the TELUS technological zone, which represent nearly one in three people who attended the event.

The overall strategy has put forward TELUS’ engagement in the cause and demonstrated the innovative force of the company through an unforgettable experience.