Telus Social jam

Creation, strategy and production of the event tactic.


With the return to school, TELUS wanted to broadcast its new promotional offer to students from the greater Montreal area.  In order to effectively reach this public difficult to grasp, the idea was to use music, unifying and appreciated from all, especially young people.

Created in partnership with the Quebec group Misteur Valaire, particularly popular with the students from the «Belle Province», the TELUS social jam was a musical and collaborative experience never seen before. To join this experience, the Montreal students were first invited to realize their own beatbox improvisation.  Their recordings were then used by Misteur Valaire to produce a new song, the profits of which were generously donated to the foundation of the 24h of Tremblant. For the first time the consumers were placed directly in the heart of the process of musical creation.

To participate, a mobile recording studio equipped with a tactile interactive interface was designed and installed in places where a lot of students gather: universities and malls from Montreal.

Furthermore, in order to attract as many participants as possible, a contest was also organised.  Thus, in addition to participating in the production of Misteur Valaire’s song, TELUS also offered to one participant (drawn at random) the reimbursement of its tuition fees.