Telus Show your stripes!

Strategy, creation and sponsorship activation production.


As part of its ‘Je suis TELUS’ campaign focusing on LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) consumers, TELUS has sponsored the Divers/Cité festival for a second consecutive year. This international event is an avant-garde event which brings together more than 100,000 people every year around cultural activities, such as Mascara, the biggest fashion drag in the world.

On this occasion, TELUS wished to offer fans a memorable brand experience that would reflect both its role as technology innovator and its involvement in important causes for the LGBT community. Starring: the Zebra, an emblematic animal chosen by TELUS to celebrate the difference.

To promote commitment of the brand, Youville invited fans to become true ambassadors of the brand within a TELUS technological zone, strategically located at the entrance of the festival. Thus, visitors to the zone had the opportunity to have Zebra stripes tattooed by real professionals and then see their custom tattoo come to life through 3D. In addition, festival-goers were able to share their experience on social media using phones and tablets made available to them. TELUS’ community involvement was also honoured through creation of a zebra fresco on which participants were invited to leave their finger-prints. For each impression, TELUS then paid $1 to the Association Gai Écoute. On the other hand, a VIP area with stunning views of the scene was set up especially to accommodate winners of a contest organized by TELUS shortly before the event.

Results: more than 2,700 meetings, 1,700 finger prints for the cause, 500 tattoos, 400 Zebra videos and 300 qualified prospects… in just two days! TELUS’ role as a technology innovator along with its community commitment have, therefore, been memorably highlighted through a unique interactive experience and visibility everywhere on the event’s site, all of which is strongly supported on social media.

Through this activation, Youville was able to demonstrate high creativity and produce a new way of celebrating the difference.