Telus Wwf 2013

Strategy, creation and production of an experiential technique to promote the association between TELUS and the WWF.


As part of its partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), TELUS launched a major campaign starring its new iconic animal: the panda.  To enhance the impact of the operation, Youville was mandated to deploy an experiential component to create direct and personalized interaction with the public.

Youville, therefore, proposed that families from the general public expand by adopting a panda, symbol of the cause. To do this, a technology studio, strategically installed and rotated in four of the biggest malls in the province to take advantage of the goodwill of the holiday season, allowed the public to adopt a plush panda and give it a name. Each panda then received a personalized necklace with its name that was produced on-site using a 3D printer, an adoption certificate and a souvenir photo with its new adoptive family. All proceeds from the sale of the stuffed animals were then donated to the World Wildlife Fund.

In only four weekends, more than 1600 pandas were adopted for the cause. As a result, Youville strongly contributed to share the holiday spirit and position TELUS as a major social player in Québec.